My name is Mike Seiler.  I am the Broker of Record at Century 21 In-Studio Realty (Owen Sound's newest Real Estate Brokerage!) , and I would like to share 5 reasons from my own experience why living in Owen Sound is PRETTY AWESOME!  


1. IT'S VISUALLY STUNNING!  Like many of you, I was living in the 'City' and wanting to get out!  We had a 2.5 acre parcel in a swamp outside of Newmarket Ontario and wanted something better!   I took to Google and MLS and searched Homes for sale, and Urika!  There was beautiful Owen Sound! 


Ok, truth be told, it was the only place where the 'red dots' appeared within my price range! 


I recall my first visit to Owen Sound thinking how beautiful the downtown area was! 


Unlike some smaller towns where the downtown is a single street running for a block and a half, the Owen Sound downtown core actually spreads over a number of streets and avenues.  The old historical buildings and storefronts, occupied by various retailers and businesses, clearly tell a story of when Owen Sound was first established!  If you want to read about Owen Sound's unique history, I suggest giving the Wikipedia Article a read here! 


I didn't need to drive far in any direction to see some of the most beautiful land and water features, including the escarpment, water falls, inland lakes, rivers and of course the clear, fresh waters of Georgian Bay!  The scenery everywhere is absolutely incredible! 



2. IT'S COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE!  As I mentioned, my family decided to move to Owen Sound for the reasonable real estate values!   However, we didn't want to pay for it on the other end with overpriced retail, and lack of services/options.  We were not disappointed!  Owen Sound has all the big city amenities from multiple grocery stores, box stores, plazas, but most importantly, a thriving community of small businesses that gives the city charm and character.   There are plenty of options for schools, or if you're like our family, you might get involved in the active homeschooling community! 


Ultimately, it was an easy decision to make Owen Sound our new home! 


3. IT'S A BOAT LOAD OF FUN!  Without question, Owen Sound has SO MUCH to do all year round!   We've had the pleasure of attending many of the outdoor events including the Festival of Northern LightsSummerfolk, Ribfest, and I've even got to participate in Salmon Derby / Salmon Spectacular.    We've visited the Grey Roots Museum, the Billy Bishop Museum, and have partook in the variety of programs and activities offered by the Owen Sound Library!  My family's favourite are all the festivities and activities made available by Harrison Park! 


Catch a show at the Roxy Theatre, Heartwood Hall  or a movie at the Owen Sound Drive-In Theatre (Located in Springmount).  Super Fun! 


Whether you like solitary time, or time out with friends and family, there is no shortage of outdoor activities including Hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, camping, boating, fishing, swimming and golfing.  The best part is, it's ALL IN YOUR BACK YARD!!!  You can find many of the great trails and other activities HERE on the Tourism Website!!!


The Art Culture in Owen Sound is Huge, as you'll soon find out!  You'll definitely want to frequent The Artist Co-op to check out 45 local artists, and their amazing work! 



4. THERE'S A TON OF OPPORTUNITY!  Ok, so this is a bit of a controversial topic.  In some respects, it appears that there are some struggles regarding industry, jobs etc.,  However, in my opinion, we're just amid a shift in our times and culture. 


It's worth noting that Owen Sound and the surrounding area does have some great employers including Transcontinental (RBW), Tenneco, Chapmans, Bellwyck Packaging and of course the Bruce Power who supplies 30% of Ontarios power and employees 4000 full-time employees! 


A recent announcement suggested that suppliers for Bruce Power were looking at setting up shop in Owen Sound which would create more new jobs aswell.  Read Article Here! 


Putting aside these issues and focusing on the positives, Owen Sound has so much going for it!  It's an entrepreneur's paradise!   The tourism and recreation in the area is ideal for creating a ton of business opportunities!  Our growing aging population has opened up many opportunities for care work/services to the elderly!  Case in point:  I just received a call yesterday from an elderly client who was looking for cleaning services.  I have 2 great friends who have their own cleaning company 'Servants Touch', and was able to make a connection.  Their business is thriving! 


My personal story involves moving here without an solid idea of what I was going to do!  I operated a Wonder Bread franchise for nearly a decade in Newmarket.  With my entrepreneurial spirit, I said to my wife that 'I would start some sort of business'!  I started off pursing my own passion for photography, and started Tour Tank Productions (a Real Estate Virtual Tour business).  It wasn't long after that, that I saw a great opportunity in becoming a real estate agent!  4 years later, after a successful career with another real estate company, Century 21 In-Studio Realty IS BORN!  


Real Estate values, while climbing steadily, are still super affordable compared to the GTA.  It's a great time to buy real estate in Owen Sound!      


5. THE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!  If you're from the big city, one of the first things you'll likely notice about Owen Sounders is that they talk to you.  They say


 'hi' in the grocery stores. 


From my personal experience, there is so much diversity amongst the people in Owen Sound.  There are many artists, musicians and talented individuals.  Overall, the speed and culture in Owen Sound is a bit more relaxed which reflects in the attitudes and personalities of its residents. 


If you're considering a move to Owen Sound, Century 21 In-Studio Realty wants to help!   If you need some inspiration in making the decision, hopefully this article has provided some insight!  When you're ready to make the move, you can FIND YOUR NEXT CENTURY 21 AGENT HERE!


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